Best Baseboard Installation in Phoenix, AZ


Our custom baseboard is installed with a minimum of fuss, similar to our crown molding. As with crown molding, you can choose a standard pattern, or we can create whatever you have in mind. Your desires and tastes largely control the process..

Baseboards, although they provide much-needed protection for the base of the wall, create an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room or hallway. They also provide insulation.


Baseboard Molding – DIY or hire an expert??

Baseboard molding is easy to buy, paint, and install yourself. But, unless you are one of the minute exceptions, the walls or your home will not be entirely true. Crooked walls can create some challenges which are easily addressed by an expert since they’ve had the pleasure of installing thousands of feet of baseboard. It’s not the kind of expense which is so excessive that you won’t be able to afford an expert, and the results are stunning.

Types of Baseboards

Typical baseboard can run the gauntlet of styles: from three-inch rounded or stepped baseboard, flat baseboard molding, sculpted mid-height baseboard trim, or sculpted taller baseboard. If nothing you see appeals to you, we can create the baseboard profile of your desires.

Baseboard materials include solid or tropical wood, jointed pine, MDF (medium density fiberboard), vinyl, or PVC. As with anything, the higher-quality materials will incur more expense, but the subtle change baseboard brings to the decor often makes the additional cost worth the investment.

While the sheer number and type of baseboards may seem overwhelming at first, after browsing for a short while, most homeowners find their taste trends toward a definite style of baseboard.