Crown Molding across Phoenix Metro, AZ


Custom crown molding without the hassle!

Custom crown molding will bring elegance and style to your home. We work with you so your crown molding will look exactly as you envisioned. At the same time, we cut out most of the hassle of installation by doing all of the painting and prep work in our facility.

For you, this means beautiful crown molding in your home with a minimum of fuss. Because the less time your home is a worksite, the faster you can get back to normal and the joy of owning a home with gorgeous custom crown molding from ICrown Homes!



What is the purpose of crown molding?

Crown molding is decorative flared moldings which are used on ceilings, cornice assemblies, and cabinets to create elegant transitions. In older homes, they help prevent plaster on walls and ceilings from cracking by providing additional support.

Crown molding can also make painting easier and add clean lines to your home.

How much does it cost to add crown molding to a room?

The cost of crown molding depends on the amount of square footage a customer wants to be installed and the style of crown molding they have in mind.

Keep in mind that the material chosen will make a difference in the cost of crown molding, as well.

Is Self-Installation a Good Idea?

If a customer understands how crown molding works, has the time and a skilled friend, a coping saw, excellent mathematical ability and plenty of space to cut, paint, and work, they might give crown molding a go. In short, installing crown moldings requires a set of conditions which aren’t readily available to most customers. Also, hiring a skilled professional who knows what they’re doing makes crown molding look amazing.

Will Crown Moldings Make My Space Seem Smaller?

Crown moldings do not make a room appear to be smaller, and can even create an illusion of height if it’s painted to match the ceiling.