Accenting and Hiding Features With Crown Molding

Crown molding has a lot of versatility and offers a lot of ‘fixing’ properties. Not only does it cover flaws, but it creates notable accent features. It adds depth and proportion, exceptional style, and frames edges beautifully. These features offer homeowners many options, not only when they want to add unique properties to their well-appointed home, but also when they have a house which has had some tough times, and the scars to show for it.

Today we talk about some of the ways crown molding can accent features and hide flaws in a home.


Electronic trends mean wires

Current trends in heavy electronics usage mean more wires, and crown molding does an excellent job of hiding wiring. For a look of permanence and class, add crown molding around your flatscreen, wall-mounted tv and never have to look at the cords. Crown molding can also cover speaker wires, or just about any long, running ugly cable along the wall.

Archways and curves

Archways and curves are superb architectural features in a home. But, don’t let those curves make you think you can’t have crown molding--you can! It’s a specialty item, but we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s a worthwhile consideration.

Planked ceiling

Fix an ugly ceiling with planks or beadboard. Maybe it got stained before the new roof was put on, or perhaps it’s a popcorn ceiling survivor. But, planked wood ceilings can be either painted or natural wood, and doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color as the walls.

Cove lighting

Lighted crown molding is called ‘cove lighting,’ and is the marriage of crown molding and LED lighting. The combination makes for an ethereal blend. As the light is indirect, the result is a soft glow which infuses the room without being overwhelming.

Nor is the homeowner relegated to white lighting, since rope lighting comes in a multitude of colors. Cove lighting is an excellent way to show off beautiful architectural elements and room shapes. Even in an ordinary room, the effect is delightful.


Crown molding around a fireplace does precisely what one hopes: it eliminates the sharp delineation of a fireplace and eases the transition between a fireplace and wall. Oddly enough, not all fireplaces have this issue, and some are better without crown molding. Those homeowners who have one of those beauties know to leave them alone, though, and we’re confident enough to say so when we don’t think a fireplace needs it.


A built-in bookcase is a joy, but a built-in bookcase with crown molding can become the focal point of a room. In addition to correcting flaws and making the bookcase stand out, crown molding around built-in bookcases eliminate the straight repetition of shelves.

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