Basic Concepts of Adding Home Accents

When it comes to wall accents and treatments, wood trim styles can lean more toward traditional concepts or very modern components. When a buyer purchases a home, these molding accents and trims are often the bare minimum offered by the builder, usually for economic reasons. While there is virtually nothing wrong with this lack of embellishments, they are very plain and may not reflect the heart and decorating inclinations of the homeowner.

Considering options

Before the homeowner calls us, they often have some ideas about the trim options they’re considering. It’s worth doing a little research to see some of the other styles and options available, if for no other reason than to educate oneself and have a frame of reference. This familiarity will maximize the opportunity for making the best possible choice in his wood trim.


Style of the home

When adding crown molding, it should be with respect to the other elements of the home. The features to consider are the architectural style of the house, combined with the style of flooring and drapes, fireplace design, furnishings, paint colors, and art, along with pictures, wall hangings, or other features. Existing wood elements such as door jams, baseboards, and window casings should also be taken into consideration, as a homeowner will want their style to flow cohesively throughout the home, even if that means making some changes.


Lighting is such an essential part of home accents, and using indirect uplighting to highlight crown molding can create an exceptionally stunning look when done correctly. The color of the lighting strips, usually LED, affects the outcome as well, and can create an entirely different feeling in a room. When a homeowner chooses white uplights, the lighting creates a soft, elegant look. Change the color of the illumination to bright blue, and the look becomes futuristic and modern.

Start small

For some people, the best way to get a good grasp of how the elements in a room design will work together is to create a design board, similar to those used by interior decorators. Another option is to find a home which has trim work the homeowner admires, and copy the style. While this makes sense, it works only if the two houses have similar architectural styles or styles in which similar trim work will be appropriate.

A home is a canvas upon which the homeowner can impress their decorating dreams. It’s an exciting venture, and we’re here to help. Once a homeowner decides to install crown molding, we can be of great assistance when it comes to resources, design ideas, additional features which can enhance the homeowner’s decorating decisions, and more.

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