Crown Molding and to Enhance Architecture Elements

Recently, a well-known decorator magazine said that even in an open floor plan, the floor should be a single, cohesive material. It stated that sectioning off areas with different types of flooring is a bad idea. Area rugs and runners can be used just as effectively to provide delineations of various living spaces. Crown molding also offers continuity in such a situation, but without having to worry about rugs or other space-defining tools. It also provides unique properties to many elements in home architecture. Here we look at a few of them.



The impact of a ceiling and the ceiling color has on room decor is greatly enhanced by adding crown molding. The result will bring a great room together. The reason is that, no matter what the flooring is or how many rugs grace a home, it may be a beautiful ceiling treatment which brings cohesion to the parts. Corn molding subtly creates a ceiling of beauty and refinement.

When the ceiling is a lighter shade, crown molding makes the wall color visually compelling. When the ceiling is a darker shade, crown molding will bring elegance and help the ceiling create a cozy and intimate feeling instead of being cramped.

Also of note is that, because ceilings are the most visible element in a room, flaws are highly noticeable. For this reason, many people opt for a ceiling treatment if there is a significant flaw. Ceiling treatments are a lot of fun because they have a huge ‘wow’ factor.

As an aside, the problem which caused the ceiling flaw, whether it was a leak or something else, should be repaired before installing a ceiling treatment.


Crown molding sets wallpaper apart, and the look is stunning. If the homeowner chooses to frame the wallpaper with crown molding, it will delineate the area almost like a chair rail. Of course, crown molding is sometimes used as a chair rail.

Playing with the color of crown molding when it’s combined with wallpaper can be a lot of fun, too. By choosing a secondary color in the wallpaper to use as a paint color for the crown molding, it can make the whole pattern pop.


Windows treated with crown molding bring a definitive sense of style to the room. It’s a little more elaborate than standard ceiling molding, which is why it’s pricey and a bit of an art. However, once it’s installed, it creates boldly defined windows.

Built-in bookshelves

Much like hanging kitchen cabinets, built-in bookshelves take on a new air of permanence as the result of crown molding. Match the color and style, or have a pro do it because the result is gorgeous.

Crown molding is one of those features which adds so much to a room that people who get it wonder how they ever lived without it. A home will gain a substantial aesthetic boost by the use of crown molding on common architectural elements.

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