Crown Molding Made Easy

The decor of your home is an essential part of home comfort. In fact, experts rate surroundings as one of the top essential items which create life satisfaction.

Use the coupon

One of the things we hope you’ll do as a customer of iCrown Molding is to use the coupon! The reason we want you to use the ‘one room special’ is because we are convinced that one room is all it will take for you to realize what a fantastic difference crown molding will make in your home decor.

As an expression of your style

Your home is your vision of beauty. But, a typical builder, even in the most upscale development, doesn’t offer wood trim upgrades. The walls typically have no wood trim, and the baseboard is possibly one step above the bare minimum at best.

Crown molding and wood accents will transform such rooms into gorgeous reflections of the owner’s style and taste. Crown molding can be created to match any decor, from minimalist to romantic. It can enhance existing architecture. It can draw the eye to--or away--from certain features. Crown molding has a lot of impact.

As an upgrade to home value


It is no secret that home upgrades contribute to the value of a home. In this case, the relatively small cost of crown molding and wood trim can have an enormous impact on the home’s value. The reason is that, like painting, wood trim is an upgrade that potential buyers can see. As silly as it sounds, a homeowner can’t see a new furnace, so their eyes will glaze over when the real estate agent says, ‘new furnace.’

Crown molding, on the other hand, is out front and center and potential buyers have a hard time keeping their eyes off of it. Even children or visitors who don’t have an eye for detail know immediately that this home--this room--is cared for and ‘different.’ They may not readily realize it’s the crown molding, but they do recognize that it’s something.

The opportunity to enjoy crown molding for yourself is at your fingertips in the form of our handy coupon. We believe that crown molding has the power to transform your living space into an elegant, welcoming reflection of your taste. Why settle for what the builder felt was the bare minimum he could escape with when you can have something way more elegant and stunning? We can get you started. Give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

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