How to Choose Paint Colors and Finishes for Your Wood Trim

The color options for walls and wood accents have expanded enormously, and we couldn’t be happier. Homeowners have started to express themselves in their living areas, choosing to make those spaces into places of joy.

Soft color with great light and a light gloss trim. This room will be perfect for dramatic furniture!

Soft color with great light and a light gloss trim. This room will be perfect for dramatic furniture!

When owners decide it’s time to have their home accents painted, invariably, the question of color comes up. Sometimes, it can be hard to know how to choose. So, today, we’re going to take a look at how to choose the right paint colors for your trim, wall accents, and crown molding.

Light matters

The first thing you have to consider when you paint a room is the light. Light effects color dramatically, so, if your room has a lot of light, it will appear brighter, and the paint on the walls will also seem bright since light colors reflect the light. By contrast, dark colors absorb light, which can make a room seem cozy, or depressing if it’s overdone. Take the walls, flooring and furnishings into consideration when you choose a color range for your woodwork, and then make sure you love it.

Choose the mood

The next thing to decide is the feeling or mood you want the wood to convey.

For a great effect, you can paint or stain a slightly darker shade, or paint one feature, such as a window seat or stair hollow, in a complementary or contrasting shade. This type of variety is attractive and pleasing to the eye.

If you want something bold, choose darker shades. If you want something less bold, but still dramatic, pick the medium shades. If you want something soft and bright, choose the lightest shades. Don’t forget to always take the other elements in the room into consideration.


Cool colors (green blue, and purple) tend to recede, and thereby convey a sense of openness and space. Warm colors (Red, orange, yellow) advance, which draws in a room like a dark color. For this reason, warm rooms need to be large, have lots of light, or contain very few furnishings. Using a light color in a warm room will frame it beautifully.

Neutral colors are the most flexible for people who have bold furnishings or frequently change the colors of other decorating elements in the room.


The sheen of the paint is important, too. Generally, the higher the gloss content, the easier the painted surface is to wash and maintain. High gloss paint is suitable for woodwork in kitchens, door frames--any place where the painted surface is likely to come in contact with dirt, fingerprints, or moisture.

Lower gloss finishes, such as a matte finish, generally hide flaws in the painted surface. Older wood in which there have been quite a lot of repairs can benefit from a matte texture.

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