Keeping Crown Molding Costs Down

Crown molding is a gorgeous home upgrade. There are many attractive and functional details which a homeowner can spend their money on which will improve their property. But, few are as truly elegant as crown molding.

One of the things we’d like to share is how to keep crown molding and other home accent costs down. Here are some ways a homeowner can get the best value from crown molding installation:

If it's in the works, paint the interior first

Always paint before the crown molding is installed in order to save  a little work.

Always paint before the crown molding is installed in order to save a little work.

If you’re having your home painted, have the interior painted before you add the crown molding or other features. We paint the crown molding before we install it, so it doesn’t require taping off or other preparation which might go awry. By waiting until after the interior paint is complete, it saves the painters from having to tape off the new crown molding, thereby saving time and the possible need for paint touch-ups.

Take advantage of special offers

One way to lower the cost of crown molding is to take advantage of special offers. For example, right now we are running a one-room special. You may wonder why we’re willing to do that. Once you see our beautiful crown molding in your home, we have the utmost confidence that you will love it and want more, and that your guests will love it and want it in their homes. It’s our friendly way of marketing.

Hire an expert

You may wonder why we’re advising you to hire an expert who is going to cost you more money than if you do the job yourself. That’s because we have the tools to make your crown molding look fabulous. Also, we are particularly adept at crown molding installation. We’ve made a point of making this our specialty market so our customers will get the best quality crown molding on the market today. Anyone who has ever installed crown molding themselves can tell you that professionally installed crown molding is way more aesthetically pleasing than a DIY, which can be not only awful but ‘exceptionally awful,’ as one homeowner said after trying to install his own. Why spend the money doing it yourself only to tear it out to have it done right? Crown molding and other accents are a long term upgrade that you’re going to enjoy as long as you own the home. Make it the best it can be!

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