Precision is the Heart of Beautiful Crown Molding

Crown molding adds a magnificent ambiance to a home interior. But, when crown molding is poorly cut, painted, or installed, it’s a distraction from an otherwise lovely interior. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the ways a professional crown molding job stands out and makes a home look its best.

Precise measurements and cuts


Crown molding is a trade of precision. Not only does everything have to be measured precisely, but the cut has to be at the correct angle. If any of these are incorrect, the crown molding won’t look good. That precision has to be matched for every corner of every room and all of the straight edges, as well. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for error.

Good crown molding starts with good math.

The right paint style

Crown molding has to be primed before it’s installed! You might wonder why some people insist on installing it and then painting it. Errors in the cutting can make for an enormous number of gaps which will need to be filled and painted.

If it’s painted after it’s installed, there will be a much higher margin of error, especially as most crown molding needs to be painted at least twice to get good coverage.

Minimal intrusion during installation

The installation of crown molding is not a camping-type job. In other words, the crew needs to get in, install the crown molding with the least amount of fuss, finish it, and get out. Disruption of a customer’s life and family has to be kept to a minimum.

Precision finishing

Once the crown molding is installed, it will need to be caulked, filled, and any finishing paint applied. If it was cut, prepared, and painted correctly, this should go fast. All of these tasks require not only skill and ability but also the commitment to make the job look its best. A specialist in crown molding is just the person to entrust with the task of finishing crown molding installation.

While a great variety of skilled craftsmen can do many areas of construction, it’s essential to have those processes which require a higher level of experience to be completed by people who know what they’re doing because crown molding isn’t just construction. When it’s well done, it’s an art and will make your home beautiful.

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