What Color is Your Crown Molding?

Crown molding adds elegance and charm to any room, but it's easy for crown molding to get 'lost' in a room. How? Because of the color it's painted. Today we're going to talk about how to choose a color for crown molding that will make it look fantastic without allowing it to disappear.


Matching trim

If you aren’t starting your trim color from scratch, the easiest way to choose a color for crown molding is by painting it to match the trim around windows and doors. By painting the crown molding the same color, the room comes together nicely, and the crown molding integrates well with the rest of the room. There are several options if you plan on repainting all of the trim, but let’s talk about stain first.


Sometimes the other trim elements in the room are stained. If that's the case, it's perfectly acceptable to stain the crown molding the same color. The exception to this is when a room has a very low ceiling, in which case, a stained crown molding may make the room look choppy.

Painting trim and crown molding

Some modern decorators like painting the trim the same or nearly the same color as the walls. In such a situation, a homeowner may want to go a shade or two different than the wall color for their crown molding and trim, to allow it to stain out just a bit. Of course, if you want the room to look seamless, painting trim the same color as the walls will do it--but will hide the trim, effectively making it disappear into the wall.



Painting crown molding and trim a lighter color is traditional and will make it stand out. It's the way people most often think the way crown molding 'should' be painted. We agree that it is beautiful and creates a significant impact on a living space. The only exception to this is that it honestly shouldn't be painted precisely the same shade as the ceiling.


Painting trim and crown molding a darker color can create a tremendously dramatic contrast to a room. Darker than the wall paint by several shades, or all the way to brown or even black is on-trend. It's dramatic and looks very modern and stylish, which may seem out of character for crown molding, but is all the rage because it's exciting and different.

may1icrownsec (1).jpg

Choosing a color for your crown molding and the rest of the trim in your home is rife with possibilities. Look at some different options, talk to your crown molding expert, and in no time, you can have luxurious crown molding adding beauty and pizzazz to your home decor.

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