Why Not Give Mom Crown Molding for Mother's Day?

May is the month we celebrate our mothers, and if you haven’t shopped for Mother’s Day already, maybe Mom would like some beautiful crown molding for her home. While we realize it isn’t for everyone, if your mother lives in her own home and loves beautiful things, crown molding might be the perfect gift for her.

Here are some reasons your mother might love to get a crown molding package for Mother’s Day:

Crown molding is a lovely gift for a woman who enjoys finer things.

Crown molding is a lovely gift for a woman who enjoys finer things.

She won’t buy it for herself

Remember how Mom used to pack a lunch, sew a loose button back on her shirt, and wait until she got home to eat instead of buying fast food? And how she did all of those little money-saving techniques so she’d have the money to purchase your favorite video game? Now that you’ve grown up, your mother is probably still holding off on buying some things for herself. Crown molding would be a luxury gift that she wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself.


Instead of buying her flowers which will be dead in a week, or yet another article of clothing or appliance, why not get her something unexpected? Crown molding would undoubtedly be an unexpected treat for Mom, especially if she takes good care of her home. No doubt her friends will all admire it and realize what a special mother she must be in her children’s eyes.

Permanent improvement

Crown molding is an upscale, permanent improvement to a home. It’s something your Mom can look at every day and feel loved and appreciated. If you happen to visit or even share a household, you’ll be able to enjoy it, as well. Also, if she decides to sell the house, tasteful little details like crown molding make a home sell faster.

It’s beautiful

Crown molding is a beautiful touch to any room. Right now, we’re offering a remarkable special on one room of crown molding. If your mother loves beautiful things, ask her if she’d like crown molding for Mother’s Day this year.

We won’t be in Mom’s way

Unlike some home improvements, our crew installs crown molding with a minimal amount of household disruption. As a result, we won’t be taking up Mom’s valuable time or creating a mess with extended construction. We consult, measure, then perform most of the work, including the base painting, in our warehouse, which means minimal mess and disruption at the time of installation.

If you’re considering buying Mom a crown molding package for Mother’s Day, why not talk to her about it and then give us a call? We can set up a consultation and soon, your mother could be enjoying a gorgeous new decorative element in her home.

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