Why Now is the Perfect Time for Crown Molding

It may come as a surprise that more homeowners than ever before have turned to architectural upgrades to their home. There are several reasons for this uptick. Today, we’re going to share why people are more interested in adding home accents than ever before.


Fewer people own homes

The new normal is a landlord or corporation who owns multiple homes. Sometimes, a single individual will possess hundreds of homes. Especially in the Phoenix area: according to James Red, a local real estate agent, investors are desperate because Valley homeowners are more reluctant to sell in the current market. They’re keeping their home if they own one.

Care for home appearance

As an addendum to people keeping their home, they are more interested in ever before in making their home look its best. While there has been a general downturn in the birthrate, the number of people in a household hasn’t dropped accordingly. This statistic means that more adults are sharing a home, and adults want the house to be beautiful. Investing in upgrades makes sense.

Beautiful is more liveable

A beautiful home has a sense of ambiance and comfort that brings delight to the inhabitants. By investing in the beauty of their home with crown molding, wainscoting, beadboard, or other accents, homeowners are investing in the joy and liveability of the house.

Accents are timeless and appealing

Well-installed accents bring a sense of gravitas and permanence to a home. As one designer said, it’s better to design a house which you won’t just enjoy today, but will also appreciate in the coming decades. By paying attention to beautiful details, a homeowner creates a space which will appeal to his current and future self.

Also, well-placed details make a home more appealing should the homeowner ever decide to sell the house. Think about it: when you were in the market and saw several homes in the same area, perhaps those which even had the same layout, wasn’t your favorite always the one that had a detail or element which the other homes didn’t have? A well appointed, well maintained and appropriately upgraded home still commands a higher price and sells faster than a rundown home or ‘fixer-upper.’

Regardless of your plans for the future, interior home accents such as crown molding make good sense for the homeowner who cares about the appearance of their home and seeks ambiance and timeless beauty for their home.

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